Ceramic Ghost Buster

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Ceramic Non-Stick Ghost Buster
The Ghost Buster’s non-stick coating contains zero Teflon or PTFE. It’s completely inert, and 100% safe for food contact. Clean, sharp & durable.
Includes a carry bag, glass filter, scraper,  cleaning brush and comes packaged inside a nice gift box.

2.5 inches/63mm Diameter
1.85 inches/47mm Height

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33 reviews for Ceramic Ghost Buster

  1. Jmoon (verified owner)

    Buy! far best grinder I’ve ever owned. Grinds herds beautifully no stick Magnets very strong. Over all 10/10 Grabem well you can. Cause I’m ordering another one my self. Thanks again 👻 team.

  2. Smokey (verified owner)

    Excellent grinder! Super smooth, and lightweight. The kief dish has a rounded bottom which is nice. Included glass filter for kief is a plus.

  3. dabthebest710 (verified owner)

    best grinder on the market and super cheap price for everything you get with it got the blue one and the color is perfect

  4. KushKween (verified owner)

    The best grinder I’ve ever owned, hands down! Kief collection is unreal and it’s grinds so smoothly!

  5. RoverGod (verified owner)

    This grinder is amazing! It busts up really smooth and easy and works grate for collecting kief! This is a must buy! Thanks GD

  6. dabthebest710 (verified owner)

    so good that i had to pick up a second one smooth asf and grind everything you throw in

  7. Dieseledupbullies (verified owner)

    First off 10/10 on the packaging and all the accessories.Find it bust better then my shredder. Nicely fine busted product collects crystals excellent, light weight and comes with a dope carry case. Best buster on the market for the price can’t be beat in my eyes.

  8. He2fast (verified owner)

    Great quality, looks awesome. Love the bag it comes with!

  9. DaisyMay66 (verified owner)

    Excellent heavy duty grinder. Surprisingly lightweight and really non-stick. Perfect upgrade from current smaller grinder.

  10. shylohla (verified owner)

    loving this

  11. x_Codank (verified owner)

    Love this grinder so smooth and the ceramic coating keeps that sticky icky from caking up this beautiful thing love the consistency of the grind to not to fine not to chunky!!!

  12. Kjc829 (verified owner)

    Best grinder I’ve owned. Solidly made and grinds the stickiest buds easily. I love the carrying bag and cleaning tools.Great quality product would definitely recommend purchasing if you need a quality grinder.

  13. Trajan Mckay (verified owner)

    Amazing upgrade from my small ass finger grinder! Grinds even the dankest bud with ease, and the tools are pretty neat, 100% worth the price, thanks GD 🙂

  14. Mathieu Chagnon (verified owner)

    This grinder doing very nice job . great quality i realy dont regret my investment

  15. ziga444 (verified owner)

    Couldnt be happier, its so much better than my last grinder!

  16. Jeezy1012 (verified owner)

    Fire grinder , reasonable price . No regrets with this purchase . Good size and works great !

  17. Densejungleboy (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, super happy with this grinder.

  18. rbtdot (verified owner)

    Grinders are so sick best I have ever owned and I have owned alot lol comes with carrying pouch scraper and glass joint tip great design going to get another one ASAP

  19. fquarter (verified owner)

    Best grinder I’ve owned, good quality, light but strong breaks anything with ease, really satisfied.10/10

  20. Drewlorne (verified owner)

    Best grinder I’ve had so far! Works super smooth and busts up the fattest buds. Definitely recommend getting one of these!

  21. AmoureuxDuKush (verified owner)

    Amazingly great value for the price! Great grinder, lightweight, sturdy, easy to use, easy to clean. Grinds the stickiest of buds easily and without making a mess! If you need a grinder, look no further, this is the one!

  22. Blahzay (verified owner)

    Best grinder I’ve owned to date! And I’ve owned a bunch, busts through the stickiest ickiest of goodness with ease, great feel, definitely recommend, I’m gonna have to grab another one for sure

  23. Teeeraav (verified owner)

    Great quality! Best grinder I’ve owned.

  24. Khutton (verified owner)

    If it wasn’t for all of the positive reviews, I would not expect this. Fantastic grinder! I like how it comes with cleaning tools, a nice storage bag, and even a glass tip for your joints. Even the packaging/box is very nice. Great experience.

    Normally, I never buy retail store branded merch. But in this case I don’t mind at all because it’s such a nice product.

    I recommend.

  25. Stephen Edmunds (verified owner)

    no issues yet works great so far 👍

  26. kushdoubt (verified owner)

    Great Grinder! Great Bud! 😉

  27. Cameron2235 (verified owner)

    Works great could not own a better grinder

  28. Marc Duguay (verified owner)

    Very good one ….! 😁

  29. Blake (verified owner)

    It’s a pretty nice grinder 👍🏼

  30. DreamQG (verified owner)

    Amazing can’t go wrong one of the best I’ve used

  31. gibsonl6s (verified owner)

    Really is a great grinder, super smooth operation and it does the thing well.

  32. Geech (verified owner)

    Best grinder hands down 👏

  33. G25 (verified owner)

    Very smooth grinder. As someone who prefers scissors 95% of the time, I’ll admit this is a quality product and will save me some time when needed.

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