Garlic Breath 7G

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Bred by @gromerjuana of Thug Pug Genetics in Michigan, Garlic Breath is an Indica dominant hybrid created through crossing GMO with his notorious “”Studly”” Mendo Breath male. This strain features long dense buds covered in resin that deliver unparalleled bag appeal. This strain stays true to its name with a funky aroma of crushed garlic and coffee. The flavours are rich and earthy with a sweet, herbal taste on the exhale.

NOTE – Pictures are taken in a fully lighted and reflective Photo Booth. Unless you have the identical set-up and brightness of lights, your pictures will probably not look the same, however it is the same.

Batch Date – April 7th, 2021 – Sourced from Private ACMPR


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18 reviews for Garlic Breath 7G

  1. Billboard73 (verified owner)

    Stanky Danky thugpug garlic breath

  2. Shanespears93 (verified owner)

    Absolutly love garlic breath gonna be saving this one for awile, already kinda wishing I grabbed a half o rather than a q one to smoke and one to save for a rainy day. May have to put in another order asap before its gone

  3. JV0001R (verified owner)

    OMG this is the best Garlic strain i have ever tasted hands down. The nose is simply Unbelievable and it is strong!!! Simply Breathtaking flower in all aspects !!

  4. sho (verified owner)

    very sharp earthy smell with a clear garlic/gmo stank cutting through. bit harsh but damn does it pack a punch.
    would deff buy again.

  5. Switch905 (verified owner)

    Smell remind me of pnt btr breath a little. Smokes great hits hard, would buy again

  6. Alexx001 (verified owner)

    Really nice smoke !!

  7. Beauchamp1992 (verified owner)

    Really good. Nice smells with a little touch of garlic. Would recommanded it anytime! Will buy it again for sure.

  8. TorontoChamps (verified owner)

    This strain has a nice kick to it pretty unique taste 🔥🔥

  9. Dgenghis (verified owner)

    This is GD at their best.

  10. Dabbs (verified owner)

    Sweet strain got me really stoned I love it cheers ✌️⚡️

  11. TorontoChamps (verified owner)

    Again straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Cameron2235 (verified owner)

    My favorite strain 🔥📛

  13. Louis XIII (verified owner)

    unique taste, really nice strain. Nice looking buds.

  14. Ashton Barbe (verified owner)

    Great smoke amazing nose to this strain nugs are a little small and airy but quality is there

  15. DreamQG (verified owner)

    This one is fire! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys garlic strains 🔥

  16. G25 (verified owner)

    The type of dank that gets you evicted.
    Straight garlic smell out of the jar. Taste is so savoury with a bit of sweetness.
    Classic GMO high

  17. Wavyscrew (verified owner)

    Stank like fuking garlic for reall , crazy smoke !!! A1

  18. Jake (verified owner)

    Première fois pour ce strain, très impressionnant visuellement mais egrainer semble avoir des poche de seed mais pas de seed, je crois que sa influence le gout légèrement. Fait bcp de kief, senteur unique.

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