Ghost Drops Mood Mats

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Ghost Drops Mood Mats are UV Reflective

Mood Mats made with lava rubber save “valuable rubber scraps” from entering a landfill. They take everything from wetsuits, gaskets, weather-stripping, wheelchair seat molds, stock car tires, and plenty more “clean” donations to make up what they call “LAVA RUBBER”. Once they have their lava, they can die-cut and print anyway they like. Keeping this material out of landfills has been their #1 priority and mission since day one. In turn, Mother Nature hooks them up in the karma loop and introduces them to conscious customers. All of their donations are privately collected, recycled and finished in NJ, U.S.A. They bring to you the highest quality & most earth friendly mats on the planet.

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14 reviews for Ghost Drops Mood Mats

  1. Sebisanegev (verified owner)

    Boight this mat to sit my bongs on, nice durable grippy rubber surface gives me piece of mind. Plus it looks really cool on my table

  2. Towelie (verified owner)

    Small Mood Mat: awesome size for dab rigs or drinking vessels. My boro Sitting proper on this sexy mat.

  3. Towelie (verified owner)

    Large mood mat: awesome big size for a big bong or just a nice piece of art in your room. Bigger size brings out the artwork nicely. Mat is great quality and finish

  4. Alexx001 (verified owner)

    Sooo useful!! Amazing design and texture. Get both sizes!! They’re a great touch for the countertops as well 🙌

  5. blacklight (verified owner)

    As Sebisanegev said: peace of mind. Broke way too much glass this year lol. Super cool unique grab here! 8″ perfect for my bong. Love the colours. Top-tier GD bling right here! Tried it as my mouse pad but no, is for bong. Also can’t see many friends right now, so provides support via feeling of belonging to GD community 🎉😜.

  6. ThatDudeTURBO (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with this Dabmat! Amazing quality & Glows like crazy!! Thank You GD & MoodMats!

  7. Dabbs (verified owner)

    I got the larger one and it’s Wiked holds my rig nicely awesome design I’m really happy with this mood mat cheers ✌️⚡️

  8. RoverGod (verified owner)

    Beautiful mat!!

  9. Korgoth (verified owner)

    First Moodmat, LOVE IT!

  10. LekWeeEh (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! If you like little knacks grab one! can fit maybe 2 bongs on it if you get the larger size one, nice ghost mat to have to a collection for sure.

  11. DreamQG (verified owner)

    First mat and it’s dope love the design can’t go wrong for the price too 🔥 thinking of getting the larger size as well 👻

  12. Neviladelph (verified owner)

    Love this mood mat, the uv on it is so dopee and fits any of my bongs on it perfectly thanks gd! 🤟🏻🔥

  13. G25 (verified owner)

    Thanks GD!! Great for keeping your station clean.

  14. Cameron2235 (verified owner)

    First mood Mat and I love It definitely buying another one soon

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